Avoid pesticides – Go Organic & Live Healthy

Pesticides are capable of causing damage to one’s health. Long term use of pesticides can cause serious irreversible damage to the health of a person. The fruits and vegetables available in the local markets contain toxic chemicals and pesticides and when we consume the produce available at our local market we fall prey to the pesticides that are used while growing these fruits and vegetables. Pesticides are also used in the production of pulses and grains.

Pesticides get ingested into our blood stream through the consumption of inorganic products available in the local market. Such inorganic produce when consumed load our bodies with toxic chemicals instead of providing us nourishment from healthy essential nutrients which in turn create a negative impact on the overall health of a person.

These fertilizers and pesticides that are made use of in inorganic farming not only pose a threat to our health but are also responsible for environmental damage like soil erosion and water pollution. The ingestion of pesticides by way of consuming in organically grown food has been linked to cause many severe ailments that include asthma, neurological defects, fertility issues, low sperm count, birth defects and even cancers.

Organic food offers a lot of health benefits when compared to inorganic food the reason being organic produce is cultivated naturally using safe farming practices thus ensuring high mineral and nutrient content in the produce.

Besides organically grown food contain several beneficial food compounds that help boosts our immunity thereby increasing our resistance power that can help fight against a number of diseases.

Consumption of organic produce not only provides us with essential nutrients but also reduces our exposure to food additives and harmful pesticide residues that are found in inorganic foods. Hence it is wise to opt for organic food as far as possible. Avoid pesticides, Go organic and live healthy.