Farm2School Program started in Wisconsin

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La Crosse County Health Dept. has recently started a program to ensure fresh food from local farms gets on the lunch menu of the county’s schools. The program has been dubbed the ‘Farm2School’ program. The highlights of the program include – ensuring fresh veggies from local farms are used for lunch & breakfast at school.
Kids are educated about nutrition via trading cards containing health information. Local area chefs conduct cooking demonstrations to make nutrition learning fun for kids.

Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association is encouraging local farm educational tours for children and adults to stay in touch with their community and industry. The association promotes farming and related industries and  reminds the young that the agricultural and farming provides plenty of employment opportunities. Various educational tours in WI are listed here These organizations remind to be safe during the tours and make their own private arrangements for their liability & medical protection for their visits.

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5 Ways to Reduce the Usage of Pesticides

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The Pesticides are made to check the irritation and the damage which could be caused by the pests. It helps in reducing the diseases and food production all over the world. But the accessibility and extensive use of the pesticides now has become the reason of the serious dangers to health. So it is now recommended to reduce pesticides.
The important steps to reduce pesticides
1. Purchase naturally grown and organic fruits and the vegetables.
To buy the organic and locally grown fruits and vegetable, it would give the best guarantee of the food items free from pesticide.

2. The fruits and the vegetables must be washed before eating
The washes for the marketable vegetables and the fruit are accessible in the market. These washes are made to take out the chemicals from the food items.
3. Get the information about Know which food items are filled with higher levels of pesticides.
Most of the health dangers are linked with the residues of the pesticides. But if you know that which fruit and the vegetables have the higher peril, the sufficient precautions can be taken. For instance wash the food items carefully before eating, peel the skin of the fruit, and avoid commercial supply.

4. Cultivate fruits and vegetable at home.
The backyard garden in the plot of about 400 sq. ft. could give the yield for almost four members of a family. Since the Organic methods could really help in preventing the harmful effects pesticides and the chemicals.
5. Try to apply the methods which involve no chemicals to control the insects in the home
The pest control treatments which are based on chemicals could bring in chemicals at home and this might be more dangerous for health than the pests themselves. So try to use the natural pest control methods.

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Top 5 chemical uses of healthy grown potatoes

vees56hs : August 5, 2013 8:27 am : Recent

Potatoes are healthy food items which are grown easily in homes, farms and other areas. Growing techniques of potatoes are easy but the most beneficial type of potato is healthy grown potatoes. These are produced by the agricultural experts who join hands to project toxicant free crops. The program launched for this purpose are successful as they produce 37% more good crop free from toxicants that simple agriculture procedures.

Healthy potatoes achieved as a result of this new technique can be used in a number of ways. You must have read about hundred of health benefits of potatoes. But here in this article you will find other uses of potatoes including removal of stains and storage of leather using potatoes. They contain phytonutrients that gives antioxidant properties to potatoes.

1. This is proven as one of the best stain removing agents. Cut potato in pieces and rub over skin. This will remove stains. Also its antioxidant properties work when you use it for 10 to 15 minutes. You can remove blackberry stains using potatoes.

2. You can use healthy potatoes as stamps. Cut it in pieces; remove all the excess potato except the design which you want to use as a stamp. Create any design using the bottom area of potato. Now use ink or color, dip potato in it and then put a stamp over the area you want.

3. During winter your glasses develop fog over it and you need to rub it again and again. Potatoes can be used as anti fogging agents. Rub freshly cut potatoes in the glass area. Allow it to dry and then clean. This will provide anti fogging ability to your glasses for a few hours.

4. Anti inflammatory properties of healthy grown potatoes utilize in Spa treatments. They give pain relief and act as healing agents.

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Reduce Pesticides – Lead a happy life

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Pesticides are designed to control the nuisance and damage caused by pests, and have contributed to reducing disease and increasing food production worldwide.
But the availability and widespread use of pesticides also has the potential to pose unexpected risks, both directly and indirectly, to our health.
People of any age with asthma or other chronic diseases may be more likely than healthy individuals to get sick after pesticide exposure. Some individuals are also more sensitive to the odor or other irritant effects of certain pesticides.
But no matter what their individual sensitivities, people in the greatest danger of pesticide illness are those whose exposure is higher, such as workers who mix or apply pesticides.
People who use pesticides in their homes may also be overexposed and become ill, especially if they do not carefully follow the directions on the product label.
People living near agricultural fields are more likely than urban residents to be exposed to farm chemicals (although their exposure may not necessarily be high enough to cause harmful effects).
What can you do to minimize pesticide exposure?
1. Buy organic and locally grown fruit and vegetables.
Buying organic, in-season produce from your local market is the best assurance of pesticide-free produce. To identify fruit grown organically, look at the little sticker – the number should be five digits
2. Wash fruits and vegetables before eating.
Commercial vegetable and fruit washes are available which are formulated to remove chemical residue from produce. Examples are Environné and Vitanet, available online or at your local health food stores and some supermarkets.
3. Know which fruits and vegetables have higher levels of pesticide residue.
Many of the health risks associated with pesticide residues on produce are concentrated in a relatively small number of fruits and vegetables.
4. Grow your own produce.
A backyard garden plot as small as 400 sq. ft. Can provide much of the required produce for a family of four. Organic methods can replace the need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and tending the garden is a healthy activity for children.

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Health benefits of healthy grown potatoes

vees56hs : July 5, 2013 6:19 pm : Recent

Potatoes are not only added in the diet for taste but they also offer exciting health benefits. According to the nutrition’s and health experts they provide benefits in controlling various diseases. They have moderate level of calories, high contents of fiber and enriched vitamins. They can be grown in homes and may be purchased from the stores. Healthy grown potatoes always provide numerous health benefits. Few of the health benefits are listed below.
? They help in reducing inflammation. Due to the higher contents of fiber present in potatoes they are easy to digest and also support digestion of food. They are enriched sources of minerals, reducing intoxicants from the body. Healthy growing potatoes in raw form also used for curing skin burns.
? Potatoes are effective for the brain functions and working. For brain to work in good condition you need minerals, Vitamin B, Omega 3 and various other nutrients. The amount of oxygen and level of glucose combines with these minerals to help the brain in its working.
? Potatoes contain Carotenoids which are effective elements for controlling the heart diseases by improving heart functioning. Heart diseases are easy to control using healthy potatoes. Blood pressure, heart attacks and various major diseases are reduced by eating healthy potatoes in daily diet plans.
? Another benefit which is observed and proved after a lot of medical researches is the removal of kidney stones. Magnesium reacts with the calcium deposits present in the kidney and cause an offset of these calcium deposits. As a result you get body free from stones.
? Healthy growing potatoes are also beneficial for skin. They contain various ingredients which give a natural glow to the skin. You can also apply potatoes mask on the skin. There peals are used to remove dark circles and eye puffs.
All these benefits are achieved if healthy and fresh potatoes are used. Unhealthy and artificially grown potatoes do not offer such benefits at this level.

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The Idea of Healthy Grown Potatoes

vees56hs : May 16, 2013 12:48 am : Recent

The birth of healthy grown potatoes as an idea can be traced back to the mid-nineties. At the time, there was a community of potato growers in Wisconsin who were keen to improve their productivity by engaging in experiments that would help them learn more about how to better their yields. They engaged in large scare production of the potatoes and were looking to get the most out of the practice without having to spend too much. The issue of pesticides was a big issue that had to be sorted out so they looked to find a way to deal with it. Through their IPM (Integrated Pest Management), they were able to create a suitable environment for many farmers to get the most out of their farming.
The healthy grown potatoes concept as a whole emerged out of the concerted effort between the World Wildlife Fund, Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association, as well as the University of Wisconsin. There were also several other conservation groups that were a part of the concerted effort for instance the Defenders of Wildlife and the International Crane Foundation. All these groups came together to create a suitable environment and procedure that farmers could use to better their yields. It was also intended to create the right kind of farming methods that did not impact negatively on the environment.
Since the time of its inception, the healthy grown potatoes idea has created plenty of benefits for farmers and the environment as a whole. There has been a reduction in the crop protectant toxicity units. This reduction was measured at 37% within the very first 3 years of the project. Also, there was the restoration of a good eco-system with this program. Over the years, the program has been praised and applauded by people for having a lasting positive impact on their lives and their farming methods.

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Avoid pesticides – Go Organic & Live Healthy

vees56hs : December 14, 2012 10:57 am : Recent

Pesticides are capable of causing damage to one’s health. Long term use of pesticides can cause serious irreversible damage to the health of a person. The fruits and vegetables available in the local markets contain toxic chemicals and pesticides and when we consume the produce available at our local market we fall prey to the pesticides that are used while growing these fruits and vegetables. Pesticides are also used in the production of pulses and grains.

Pesticides get ingested into our blood stream through the consumption of inorganic products available in the local market. Such inorganic produce when consumed load our bodies with toxic chemicals instead of providing us nourishment from healthy essential nutrients which in turn create a negative impact on the overall health of a person.

These fertilizers and pesticides that are made use of in inorganic farming not only pose a threat to our health but are also responsible for environmental damage like soil erosion and water pollution. The ingestion of pesticides by way of consuming in organically grown food has been linked to cause many severe ailments that include asthma, neurological defects, fertility issues, low sperm count, birth defects and even cancers.

Organic food offers a lot of health benefits when compared to inorganic food the reason being organic produce is cultivated naturally using safe farming practices thus ensuring high mineral and nutrient content in the produce.

Besides organically grown food contain several beneficial food compounds that help boosts our immunity thereby increasing our resistance power that can help fight against a number of diseases.

Consumption of organic produce not only provides us with essential nutrients but also reduces our exposure to food additives and harmful pesticide residues that are found in inorganic foods. Hence it is wise to opt for organic food as far as possible. Avoid pesticides, Go organic and live healthy.

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Here are some ways you can reduce your exposure to pesticides

vees56hs : November 23, 2012 5:55 pm : Recent

The purpose why pesticides were designed was to control the damage and nuisance that is caused by insects and pests. This in turn would increase the production of food. But the increased availability and use pose long term health risks. Pesticides affect people of different age groups differently.

Young children are more affected by the use of these pesticides as compared to adults. This is because children are more sensitive. Besides those suffering from asthma and other chronic ailments are the ones who tend to fall sick immediately after being exposed to pesticides.

We can reduce our exposure to these harmful pesticides by adopting certain measures like opting for organic food products and consuming locally grown produce of vegetables and fruits. Organic produce is comparatively expensive and hence if you are stuck on funds you can make sure that you at least opt for organic produce of the food products your family consumes the most.

Vegetables and fruits need to be washed well before eating. Today the market is flooded with vegetable and fruit wash liquids that are specially formulated to cleanse the produce of the chemical residues that are left back from exposure to fertilizers and pesticides.

It is always advisable to gather knowledge of the fruits and vegetables that generally have higher amounts of chemical residues left from the use of pesticides. Once you have the knowledge you can always take extra care while washing, cleaning and peeling these vegetables and fruits. Those willing to put in a little effort can even grow their own vegetables right in the comfort of their home with the help of new organic cultivation methods.

Ensure the use of non toxic methods to get rid of insects at home. Even if you hire pest control services make sure you opt for those that provide natural pest control options.

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Stepwise instructions for growing healthy organic potatoes

vees56hs : November 1, 2012 7:56 pm : Recent

Below is set of instructions that will enable you grow healthy organic potatoes in our own home garden. Organically grown potatoes are free from the use of chemical fertilizers and other pesticides. Hence are healthier and tastier than the regular potatoes.

– To begin with, you will need to get organic seed potatoes, which you will find in any organic garden shop or you can always order them from the internet which is an even more convenient option.

– You need to take into consideration the best planting season as per your region. In regions with cold climate – ideal planting time would be mid spring, in regions with warm climates – ideal planting time would be during the fall.

– Generally, the planting size of the seed potato should roughly be that of an egg. If the seed potatoes you have with you are bigger in size, it is advisable to have them cut to the size of an egg. Before you proceed to plant, make sure you let the cut potatoes dry.

– The soil where you intend planting will need to be loosened and checked. You can add organic fertilizer or compost to increase the nutrient level of the soil.

– Make sure you water the potatoes at regular intervals.

– Keep a check on the potatoes for any pests or disease. Application of organic neem oil is an ideal way to keep pests and fungal diseases at bay.

– Bury the potato plant in soil as it grows in a manner that only part of the plant is visible above the soil.

– Add organic fertilizer while the plant is growing.

– Your potatoes are now ready for harvest. Ensure you harvest new potatoes before the plants die out. Dig up the soil carefully so that you don’t damage the delicious healthy grown organic potatoes.

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Health Benefits Of Organic Food

vees56hs : October 15, 2012 6:43 pm : Recent

Many people across the globe are still very curious to know the health benefits of organic food. There are anti-organic people who claim that organic food is a complete waste of money, time and efforts. But those who eat organic food will realize that what they claim to say is absolutely absurd and meaningless. Let us discuss some of the main points of organic food.

1- What do we mean by organic – The word organic can have a different meaning in different countries of the world. It all depends upon each country to decide the guidelines for organic foods. But the common guidelines followed by every country will be that the food does not contain synthetic ingredients, GMOs and very little or no processing at all.

2- What do we mean by GMO – GMO stands for ‘Genetically Modified Organism.’ This is how it is carried out. Farmers will inject genes into the crop so that the crop automatically will produce and release pesticides on its own. Many consumers will not support this, mainly because it is as good as directly eating poison.

3- Organic farmers do they use pesticides – The regulations of organic farming are very strict and they strictly prohibit use of pesticides. In fact, each organic farming product has to pass a quality test before it finally reaches the consumers. Only when the quality of the fruit or vegetable is ‘Tested OK for consumption’, it is released in the market.

In all cases organic farming is gaining popularity these days. Though the price of the fruits and vegetables are slightly on the higher side as compared to normal farming, the quality of food is at the highest. You can be assured of clean, healthy and hygienic food enter our body without any traces of pesticides and other poisonous chemicals.

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Organic Farming Is Definitely Healthy

vees56hs : September 17, 2012 3:59 am : Recent

Organic agriculture is definitely growing every single day. More and more consumers are changing to organic diets. This has also made farmers leave their conventional method of farming and learn the art of organic farming. The conventional method of farming involves the use of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals which are harmful to human beings especially our children. Let us discuss some of the main benefits of organic farming.

1- Transition – This is considered to be one of the main benefits of organic farming. It means that a farmer who is growing fruits and vegetables in a conventional manner can switch to organic farming without many hassles.

2- Production Cost – Farmers can save up to 30% of the production cost in organic farming as compared to conventional farming. This is because in case of organic farming, the use of pesticides and other chemicals which have to be purchased from the local market does not arise.

3- Yield – Use of compost pits, manure and crop rotation can boost the soil fertility when compared with the soil that is being targeted with artificial fertilizers. The yield generated in the 5th year through organic farming can be more than 5 times when compared with conventional farming during the same period. This is mainly because of the main differences in soil.

4- Microorganisms – Organic farms produce different kinds of microorganisms that can actually help in nourishing the soil as compared to the conventional method which kills these microorganisms. These microorganisms have the capability to keep the soil fertile for many years without any human intervention.

5- Cost – Organic farming can yield more profits to farmers as the final cost of the product is higher when compared with conventional types of farming, thereby bringing in more revenues to farmers.

Above mentioned are some of the main benefits of organic farming.

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Organic Farming Is Definitely Healthy

vees56hs : September 9, 2012 11:05 am : Recent

The other day a local daily mentioned that Organic food is not healthier as compared to foods that are grown conventionally using pesticides and other chemicals.

The research concluded that there has been no difference in the fat or protein contents while comparing both – organic and conventional milk. Moreover, the research also concluded that there was no much difference in the vitamin intake when compared with conventional food. The research mentioned that there was only one nutrient which was found to be higher in organic foods as compared to the conventional food and that nutrient is known as phosphorus.

Surprisingly the research concluded by saying that the only benefit that is found in organic food is that it helps in reducing the risk of exposure to pesticides. This is what I found very funny.

All the while we have been speaking about consuming organic food mainly because it does not contain pesticides and other chemicals which are used in conventionally grown foods. That is exactly the main reason why we focus on eating organic food. Most of the times, the conventionally grown fruits and vegetables are treated with chemicals in order to avoid insects and other creatures spoil its growth. If the chemical can kill insects, definitely we cannot deny the fact that it is harmful to human health too. Moreover, some fruits like papaya, banana are injected with some kind of chemical which boosts its growth and ripens the fruit at a faster pace, all this at the cost of human health. We try to save money by buying such fruits but later end up spending 100 times more by visiting a doctor for treatment. Instead why not eat healthy organic food by paying a little more and free yourself from visiting the doctor? So, the next time before buying your home fruits and vegetable, do not forget to go for organic fruits and vegetables which are healthy for you and your entire family.

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FAQ’s – Organic Farming

vees56hs : August 23, 2012 8:31 am : Recent

This article will provide with some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) regarding organic farming.

1- Is Organic Farming better for the environment – As we all know that organic farming does not make use of pesticides and other chemical for growing of fruits and vegetables which usually takes place in a conventional farming. The soil tends to be in a better condition because of no pesticides and no chemicals and hence it is considered completely safe for the environment.

2- Will food derived from Organic farming taste better – Organic food will definitely taste better as they are loaded with all the nutrients that are required for a human body. The growth of these fruits and vegetables are natural and hence its nutritious value remains intact.

3- Will Organic food be safe – Yes, it is 100% safe mainly because there is no use of any pesticides and chemicals which can not only harm the vegetables and fruits but also it can affect a human health when we consume such chemically generated fruits.

4- Is the production of Organic farming lesser than conventional farming – Yes, the reason is simple. If a vegetable requires say 6 weeks to sprout naturally through organic farming, it will be achieved within 3 weeks with conventional farming by using chemicals and pesticides. This way, the production is higher in conventional farming but also highly poisonous to human health.

5- Is Organic farming expensive – Yes, every good product comes with a price. Similarly, since organic farming is grown naturally, it will be comparatively expensive than conventional farming. After all, our health is more important and that is what matters the most.

Well, above are some of the FAQ’s asked by many people across the globe. The bottom line is that organic farming is the best which a human being can consume without any fear.

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Why is Organic Farming considered to be the best?

vees56hs : August 3, 2012 2:36 pm : Recent

These days the importance of organic farming is getting its popularity after many talk shows and reality shows promoting the need to go for organic farming. We must not forget that almost everything that we consume on a daily basis which we think is healthy is completely unhygienic and unhealthy.

Let us take some simple examples – they say for morning breakfast, one should consume apples, bananas and milk and we just walk to a supermarket and buy these fruits and milk. Never once do we bother to check how these fruits are grown. Apples seem to be shiny and we feel these are fresh apples. Infact, the apples are coated with wax to bring that shine and also for it to last longer. Bananas seem to be ripe and large but these bananas are grown by using pesticides and other chemicals to get rid of fleas and insects from a farm and in the bargain we human beings are the ones at the receiving end to consume these so called fresh bananas. Milk is completely adulterated and it has been found out that they mix melamine in milk which is similar to milk powder and does not provide any particular taste. It gets easily dissolved and that is exactly what our children consume.

Organic farming is completely the opposite. It is naturally grown in farms without the use of any pesticides and insecticides. Fruits and vegetables take their own sweet time to sprout and the entire farm is covered with a net so that no insects can destroy any of the fruits and vegetables that are grown. Similarly, organic milk too is not adulterated and is very safe for children. It is therefore very important that we provide our children healthy food, so that they grow healthy without any complications that occur because of consuming non-organic products.

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What do we mean by Organic Farming?

vees56hs : July 15, 2012 11:33 am : Recent

There seems to be a lot of confusion even today about the real term for ‘Organic Farming’. Well, it is not just a type of agricultural practice which makes use of crop rotation, compost and avoiding dangerous pesticides and chemicals. Apart from these, organic farming has a lot more to explain. Read on to know more.

First of all, organic farming was set up by the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movement (IFOAM) in the year 1972. The main role of organic farming whether it relates to processing, farming, distribution and consumption is to maintain and improve the health of human beings. Therefore the key role of this kind of farming is to enhance the health of a person consuming it. Remember, organic farming never entertains battery raised animals, food that is genetically modified or anything other thing which is artificially grown. There are mainly four principles relating to organic farming streamlined by IFOAM. IFOAM has laid down four main principles in agricultural practices. They are –

1- The Law of Health – This means that when we cultivate food and bring up the animals in healthy soil, automatically we will end up having healthy food and healthy animals.

2- The Law of Ecology – It is our duty to accept what nature has provided to us without using any chemicals and pesticides and that is exactly what Organic farming is all about.

3- The Law of fairness – Organic farming believes in equality and fairness in its approach whether they are treating animals or plants, they will ensure equality among all with utmost respect and care.

4- The Law of Care – We need to take care of ourselves, our health and our body and that is exactly what organic farming will help us achieve.

This is what organic farming actually means. Let us all protect the entire world from harmful diseases caused by pesticides and chemicals.

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