Locally grown foods promote healthy eating

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WAGONER — Shirley Butler and her family operate their own store here — a store without air conditioning or even a fan. However, it does stay busy. Butler and her family sell homegrown beef, lamb, goat, chicken and pork, along with produce they raise or buy from the area.

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Healthier and More Affordable Potatoes from Wisconsin

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Wisconsin’s Healthy Grown Potatoes are not only good for one’s health, they are also good for one’s budget. Shoppers looking for healthier choices at a reasonable price should definitely consider this Wisconsin pride.

These healthy grown potatoes are all-natural and fresh. These potatoes also stay fresh for a relatively longer time as compared to other choices. Although they still have to be washed, Healthy Grown potatoes are usually cleaner, as well.

When choosing to buy Wisconsin’s Healthy Grown potatoes, one can be assured that the quality and freshness of their purchase is excellent. This is because these potatoes are a result of collaboration between environmentally concerned organizations and potato growers to significantly reduce the use of pesticides.

Not only are you able to eat healthier food, you are also able to save money as these potatoes are relatively cheaper than other brands. Also, you can help the environment by patronizing a product that has been grown without the aid of environmentally harmful chemicals.

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Healthy Grown Potatoes of Wisconsin

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One of the things the State of Wisconsin is known for is its Healthy Grown potatoes. The term Healthy Grown refers to the farmers’ system of reducing the use of pesticides in growing their potatoes.

This concept began in the mid-1990s and has been implemented in large scale. This practice has offered a common ground for health-conscious consumers, potato farmers and environmentalists.

Wisconsin’s program for growing healthy potatoes was developed through the collaboration of the state’s association of potato growers, the state’s University and lastly, the World Wildlife Fund. This collaboration has worked successfully for 10 years and is still continuing its efforts to implement the program.

One of the significant achievements of the program is the reduction of the overall toxicity of crop protectants by 37% only three years after the program’s implementation. This has been given worldwide recognition by the United States’ Department of Agriculture and thus ranked very high.

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