Farm2School Program started in Wisconsin


La Crosse County Health Dept. has recently started a program to ensure fresh food from local farms gets on the lunch menu of the county’s schools. The program has been dubbed the ‘Farm2School’ program. The highlights of the program include – ensuring fresh veggies from local farms are used for lunch & breakfast at school.
Kids are educated about nutrition via trading cards containing health information. Local area chefs conduct cooking demonstrations to make nutrition learning fun for kids.

Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association is encouraging local farm educational tours for children and adults to stay in touch with their community and industry. The association promotes farming and related industries and  reminds the young that the agricultural and farming provides plenty of employment opportunities. Various educational tours in WI are listed here These organizations remind to be safe during the tours and make their own private arrangements for their liability & medical protection for their visits.

5 Ways to Reduce the Usage of Pesticides

The Pesticides are made to check the irritation and the damage which could be caused by the pests. It helps in reducing the diseases and food production all over the world. But the accessibility and extensive use of the pesticides now has become the reason of the serious dangers to health. So it is now recommended to reduce pesticides.
The important steps to reduce pesticides
1. Purchase naturally grown and organic fruits and the vegetables.
To buy the organic and locally grown fruits and vegetable, it would give the best guarantee of the food items free from pesticide.

2. The fruits and the vegetables must be washed before eating
The washes for the marketable vegetables and the fruit are accessible in the market. These washes are made to take out the chemicals from the food items.
3. Get the information about Know which food items are filled with higher levels of pesticides.
Most of the health dangers are linked with the residues of the pesticides. But if you know that which fruit and the vegetables have the higher peril, the sufficient precautions can be taken. For instance wash the food items carefully before eating, peel the skin of the fruit, and avoid commercial supply.

4. Cultivate fruits and vegetable at home.
The backyard garden in the plot of about 400 sq. ft. could give the yield for almost four members of a family. Since the Organic methods could really help in preventing the harmful effects pesticides and the chemicals.
5. Try to apply the methods which involve no chemicals to control the insects in the home
The pest control treatments which are based on chemicals could bring in chemicals at home and this might be more dangerous for health than the pests themselves. So try to use the natural pest control methods.