FAQ’s – Organic Farming

This article will provide with some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) regarding organic farming.

1- Is Organic Farming better for the environment – As we all know that organic farming does not make use of pesticides and other chemical for growing of fruits and vegetables which usually takes place in a conventional farming. The soil tends to be in a better condition because of no pesticides and no chemicals and hence it is considered completely safe for the environment.

2- Will food derived from Organic farming taste better – Organic food will definitely taste better as they are loaded with all the nutrients that are required for a human body. The growth of these fruits and vegetables are natural and hence its nutritious value remains intact.

3- Will Organic food be safe – Yes, it is 100% safe mainly because there is no use of any pesticides and chemicals which can not only harm the vegetables and fruits but also it can affect a human health when we consume such chemically generated fruits.

4- Is the production of Organic farming lesser than conventional farming – Yes, the reason is simple. If a vegetable requires say 6 weeks to sprout naturally through organic farming, it will be achieved within 3 weeks with conventional farming by using chemicals and pesticides. This way, the production is higher in conventional farming but also highly poisonous to human health.

5- Is Organic farming expensive – Yes, every good product comes with a price. Similarly, since organic farming is grown naturally, it will be comparatively expensive than conventional farming. After all, our health is more important and that is what matters the most.

Well, above are some of the FAQ’s asked by many people across the globe. The bottom line is that organic farming is the best which a human being can consume without any fear.