Here are some ways you can reduce your exposure to pesticides

The purpose why pesticides were designed was to control the damage and nuisance that is caused by insects and pests. This in turn would increase the production of food. But the increased availability and use pose long term health risks. Pesticides affect people of different age groups differently.

Young children are more affected by the use of these pesticides as compared to adults. This is because children are more sensitive. Besides those suffering from asthma and other chronic ailments are the ones who tend to fall sick immediately after being exposed to pesticides.

We can reduce our exposure to these harmful pesticides by adopting certain measures like opting for organic food products and consuming locally grown produce of vegetables and fruits. Organic produce is comparatively expensive and hence if you are stuck on funds you can make sure that you at least opt for organic produce of the food products your family consumes the most.

Vegetables and fruits need to be washed well before eating. Today the market is flooded with vegetable and fruit wash liquids that are specially formulated to cleanse the produce of the chemical residues that are left back from exposure to fertilizers and pesticides.

It is always advisable to gather knowledge of the fruits and vegetables that generally have higher amounts of chemical residues left from the use of pesticides. Once you have the knowledge you can always take extra care while washing, cleaning and peeling these vegetables and fruits. Those willing to put in a little effort can even grow their own vegetables right in the comfort of their home with the help of new organic cultivation methods.

Ensure the use of non toxic methods to get rid of insects at home. Even if you hire pest control services make sure you opt for those that provide natural pest control options.