Organic Farming Is Definitely Healthy

Organic agriculture is definitely growing every single day. More and more consumers are changing to organic diets. This has also made farmers leave their conventional method of farming and learn the art of organic farming. The conventional method of farming involves the use of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals which are harmful to human beings especially our children. Let us discuss some of the main benefits of organic farming.

1- Transition – This is considered to be one of the main benefits of organic farming. It means that a farmer who is growing fruits and vegetables in a conventional manner can switch to organic farming without many hassles.

2- Production Cost – Farmers can save up to 30% of the production cost in organic farming as compared to conventional farming. This is because in case of organic farming, the use of pesticides and other chemicals which have to be purchased from the local market does not arise.

3- Yield – Use of compost pits, manure and crop rotation can boost the soil fertility when compared with the soil that is being targeted with artificial fertilizers. The yield generated in the 5th year through organic farming can be more than 5 times when compared with conventional farming during the same period. This is mainly because of the main differences in soil.

4- Microorganisms – Organic farms produce different kinds of microorganisms that can actually help in nourishing the soil as compared to the conventional method which kills these microorganisms. These microorganisms have the capability to keep the soil fertile for many years without any human intervention.

5- Cost – Organic farming can yield more profits to farmers as the final cost of the product is higher when compared with conventional types of farming, thereby bringing in more revenues to farmers.

Above mentioned are some of the main benefits of organic farming.