Organic Farming Is Definitely Healthy

The other day a local daily mentioned that Organic food is not healthier as compared to foods that are grown conventionally using pesticides and other chemicals.

The research concluded that there has been no difference in the fat or protein contents while comparing both – organic and conventional milk. Moreover, the research also concluded that there was no much difference in the vitamin intake when compared with conventional food. The research mentioned that there was only one nutrient which was found to be higher in organic foods as compared to the conventional food and that nutrient is known as phosphorus.

Surprisingly the research concluded by saying that the only benefit that is found in organic food is that it helps in reducing the risk of exposure to pesticides. This is what I found very funny.

All the while we have been speaking about consuming organic food mainly because it does not contain pesticides and other chemicals which are used in conventionally grown foods. That is exactly the main reason why we focus on eating organic food. Most of the times, the conventionally grown fruits and vegetables are treated with chemicals in order to avoid insects and other creatures spoil its growth. If the chemical can kill insects, definitely we cannot deny the fact that it is harmful to human health too. Moreover, some fruits like papaya, banana are injected with some kind of chemical which boosts its growth and ripens the fruit at a faster pace, all this at the cost of human health. We try to save money by buying such fruits but later end up spending 100 times more by visiting a doctor for treatment. Instead why not eat healthy organic food by paying a little more and free yourself from visiting the doctor? So, the next time before buying your home fruits and vegetable, do not forget to go for organic fruits and vegetables which are healthy for you and your entire family.