Stepwise instructions for growing healthy organic potatoes

Below is set of instructions that will enable you grow healthy organic potatoes in our own home garden. Organically grown potatoes are free from the use of chemical fertilizers and other pesticides. Hence are healthier and tastier than the regular potatoes.

– To begin with, you will need to get organic seed potatoes, which you will find in any organic garden shop or you can always order them from the internet which is an even more convenient option.

– You need to take into consideration the best planting season as per your region. In regions with cold climate – ideal planting time would be mid spring, in regions with warm climates – ideal planting time would be during the fall.

– Generally, the planting size of the seed potato should roughly be that of an egg. If the seed potatoes you have with you are bigger in size, it is advisable to have them cut to the size of an egg. Before you proceed to plant, make sure you let the cut potatoes dry.

– The soil where you intend planting will need to be loosened and checked. You can add organic fertilizer or compost to increase the nutrient level of the soil.

– Make sure you water the potatoes at regular intervals.

– Keep a check on the potatoes for any pests or disease. Application of organic neem oil is an ideal way to keep pests and fungal diseases at bay.

– Bury the potato plant in soil as it grows in a manner that only part of the plant is visible above the soil.

– Add organic fertilizer while the plant is growing.

– Your potatoes are now ready for harvest. Ensure you harvest new potatoes before the plants die out. Dig up the soil carefully so that you don’t damage the delicious healthy grown organic potatoes.