The Idea of Healthy Grown Potatoes

The birth of healthy grown potatoes as an idea can be traced back to the mid-nineties. At the time, there was a community of potato growers in Wisconsin who were keen to improve their productivity by engaging in experiments that would help them learn more about how to better their yields. They engaged in large scare production of the potatoes and were looking to get the most out of the practice without having to spend too much. The issue of pesticides was a big issue that had to be sorted out so they looked to find a way to deal with it. Through their IPM (Integrated Pest Management), they were able to create a suitable environment for many farmers to get the most out of their farming.
The healthy grown potatoes concept as a whole emerged out of the concerted effort between the World Wildlife Fund, Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association, as well as the University of Wisconsin. There were also several other conservation groups that were a part of the concerted effort for instance the Defenders of Wildlife and the International Crane Foundation. All these groups came together to create a suitable environment and procedure that farmers could use to better their yields. It was also intended to create the right kind of farming methods that did not impact negatively on the environment.
Since the time of its inception, the healthy grown potatoes idea has created plenty of benefits for farmers and the environment as a whole. There has been a reduction in the crop protectant toxicity units. This reduction was measured at 37% within the very first 3 years of the project. Also, there was the restoration of a good eco-system with this program. Over the years, the program has been praised and applauded by people for having a lasting positive impact on their lives and their farming methods.