The vast benefits of organic farming

Organic farming is something which the world is following now days. In reality, the food consumed by people prior to 1970s was usually natural and organic. When we use the term organic, it basically means that the growth of a particular crop takes place on its own and naturally without any pressure from human beings.

Now a day’s most of the farmers are interested in making fast bucks instead of cultivating quality fruits and vegetables. Let us take an example – A normal vegetable such as cabbage takes about 4 weeks for cultivation but now the same cabbage is harvested within 2 weeks because of the use of chemicals and other pesticides. The final product remains similar to that of a naturally grown vegetable without much difference. The reason why farmers go for such tactics is to make their profits double which otherwise they would have never achieved.

In the bargain, what we consume are fruits and vegetables filled with chemicals and pesticides which can take a toll on human lives as the years pass by. That is the reason why we must follow the olden method of growing vegetables – the organic method.

That is what we call organic farming. Today, there are many companies following organic farming and to know its authenticity, they have to pass a certain test for each fruit and vegetable to check whether any pesticides or chemicals are used or not for its growth. Only the ones where these chemicals are not used to get passed as an organic product meant to be consumed by human beings. What we find today in the market are just unhealthy fruits and vegetables which might be considerably cheaper as compared to the cost of an organic vegetable. But taking care of our health is very important and therefore consuming the right kind of naturally grown vegetables and fruits are the best option.