Why is Organic Farming considered to be the best?

These days the importance of organic farming is getting its popularity after many talk shows and reality shows promoting the need to go for organic farming. We must not forget that almost everything that we consume on a daily basis which we think is healthy is completely unhygienic and unhealthy.

Let us take some simple examples – they say for morning breakfast, one should consume apples, bananas and milk and we just walk to a supermarket and buy these fruits and milk. Never once do we bother to check how these fruits are grown. Apples seem to be shiny and we feel these are fresh apples. Infact, the apples are coated with wax to bring that shine and also for it to last longer. Bananas seem to be ripe and large but these bananas are grown by using pesticides and other chemicals to get rid of fleas and insects from a farm and in the bargain we human beings are the ones at the receiving end to consume these so called fresh bananas. Milk is completely adulterated and it has been found out that they mix melamine in milk which is similar to milk powder and does not provide any particular taste. It gets easily dissolved and that is exactly what our children consume.

Organic farming is completely the opposite. It is naturally grown in farms without the use of any pesticides and insecticides. Fruits and vegetables take their own sweet time to sprout and the entire farm is covered with a net so that no insects can destroy any of the fruits and vegetables that are grown. Similarly, organic milk too is not adulterated and is very safe for children. It is therefore very important that we provide our children healthy food, so that they grow healthy without any complications that occur because of consuming non-organic products.