Why we must opt for Organic Farming

We often tend to purchase potatoes from the local supermarket. But we must also not forget that most of the vegetables found today are full of chemicals and pesticides which are not safe for human consumption. In the past, just a few couple of years back, we could get healthy grown potatoes and other vegetables for our daily consumption.

When we say healthy grown vegetables we mean making use of reduced pesticides which are healthy for the human body. Up to the early 1990s, all the vegetables and fruits were grown in a natural form. It means that each vegetable had its own cycle of growing. Some vegetables harvest within one month while there are others that takes almost a year to grow. Potatoes grow within as little as 6 weeks but these day’s farmers use chemicals and pesticides to ensure that the growth takes place in less than 2 to 3 weeks. What happens is that these potatoes look normal to a naked eye, but it is not at all ideal for human consumption. The same theory is followed for all the other types of vegetables and fruits.

The question is why do they follow this method? Well, when farmers can harvest potatoes within 2 or 3 weeks, it means that within 6 weeks period, they will be able to harvest twice or three times as much quantity which otherwise they would not be able to produce if they had gone the natural method. And in the bargain, their profits will shoot up three folds. But who is the ultimate sufferers? Naturally, it is we who are buying from them. That is the reason, why we must promote organic farming. This farming takes the natural process of harvest without the use of chemicals. The cost of these vegetables and fruits might be higher, but it is worth the price you pay for your health.